Want to fight human trafficking but don't know where to start?

Don't worry — you're in the right place! We'll equip you with church-focused resources and a welcoming community based on collaboration, awareness, response, and education.

Where do you even start?

There are a lot of ways for your church to help fight human trafficking, and the choices can be totally overwhelming. But you also know it’s worth doing because of the consequences of not doing anything are devastating.

Many of the resources you can’t find are too general to apply to your church. And you’re probably confused by all the myths and misinformation about trafficking. With so many seemingly conflicting statistics and stories, what are you supposed to believe?

We know your pain because we’ve been there.

We have experienced the joy (and frustration) of coming alongside churches and assisting them in the goal of determining what their response to human trafficking will be. It is about learning what will work for them: their culture, their population, their resources, and their ministry focus. 

Churches all across the country trying to do the same thing. The challenge has been: How do we help them all? Alone, we couldn’t help everyone. That’s when we realized the transformative power of community.

This is the community you’ve been looking for.

  • Access church-focused anti-trafficking toolkits and other resources to quickly get your program up and running.
  • Engage in a safe and private online community for deep learning and discussion so you can be fully informed in new ideas and best practices.
  • Connect with others in your ministry and region to multiply your effectiveness and reduce wasted effort.
  • Stay up to date with anti-trafficking news and upcoming events. When there’s an important issue, we’ll keep you in the loop.

Who are we?

The CARE 68 Network was created by the Global Center for Women & Justice at Vanguard University to be a network of churches and faith-based groups working together to:

  • Discover what others in the faith community are doing
  • Partner with and learn from professionals
  • Participate in awareness raising events
  • Keep abreast of what is currently happening on the anti-Human Trafficking front
  • Identify and respond to the needs of service providers and those they serve
  • Explore church-focused anti-trafficking resources
  • Educate and train our people to become part of the solution.
  • Collaborate with other Christian schools including K-12, but especially CCCU (Council of Christian Colleges and Universities)

Learn more about our back story here

Why the name CARE 68 Network?

We’ve developed a model for churches based on the acronym C.A.R.E.: Collaboration, Awareness, Response, and Education.

  • Collaboration is a key to getting things done more efficiently, more expediently and more effectively. How do we connect with others who have the same interests?
  • Awareness is the starting point and essential to building a team and attracting interest.
  • Response is necessary if we want to actually see change. What works and what doesn’t? What helps and what hurts?
  • Education is the foundation of it all. Without educating ourselves we shouldn’t even begin to plan or act.

The 68 in our name is inspired by Micah 6:8. We, the church, are commanded by God to “Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.” (Micah 6:8) and we’re building the community to do it.

Now is the time for your church to change the world. Membership contribution is only $68 per year.

With the theme of Micah 6:8, annual contribution will only be $68. Your membership will help us build a sustainable and healthy community for the long term. Join us! Together we can do more.